Importance of offering Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes you have a patient who just doesn’t do well with the dentist. Maybe they have a special need that makes it hard for them to be worked on. Maybe they have anxiety or bad previous experiences with the dentist. Anything is possible and a lot of it has many different causes. Sedation dentistry can be a very good option for some people. It just depends on how bad the issue is and if they are a good candidate for sedation dentistry. What the heck is it, though? Let’s find out.

Sedation dentistry is a specialized service when the dentist gives a cocktail of medications in order for patients to feel not so anxious about why they are there. It helps them so that they don’t injure themselves, nor the doctor because of things that may happen.

Who is a good candidate for sedation dentistry?
A person with anxiety or a special need may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry. It also depends on their overall health, though. If the child or adult is generally healthy, then they may be able to be sedated enough so that they can get their teeth cleaned or a cavity filled.