Working with Insurance

Insurance itself can be tricky. Some people have a hard time understanding what insurance is and how it should work. Let’s see what that looks like.

Typically, insurance is something you are either offered through your employer (who gave you a job) or through the Marketplace, through Obamacare. You purchase your plan with benefits through your employer or shop rates through the Marketplace. You sign up and pick your plan. You usually have to keep in mind what services you are likely to use, doctors and clinics like Robison orthodontics you probably are in need of, and other factors like prescription coverage, cost and everything else. Insurance is a way to pay your medical expenses. Some have a co-payment, and some don’t.

With your insurance, there are always in-network and out of network providers. If they are in-network, you may have a co-pay, and then the insurance covers the rest of the visit. If it is out of network, then the insurance will only cover a certain amount, sometimes leaving you with a higher out of pocket expense.

Sometimes the insurance will only cover certain things and you try to work with that. I guess the insurance would be able to cover it if it is a medical necessity, though.